Scent of a (WO)man……

I’m a huge fan of looking good and smelling great! Unfortunately, for the most part, we do not have an idea how to go about choosing the right fragrance or scent…… The average Joe goes to the store and picks up the first bottle that appeals to him visually……and the average Jane (LOL, pun intended!) picks the scent she smelt on her girlfriend or sees advertised on television (or maybe Vogue, Elle or Cosmo!)….without any clue whatsoever to whether it is an evening wear, everyday use or for special occasions! The truth is though…… fragrances smell different on everyone! The scent you emit after putting on your favourite perfume is mostly affected by the way you smell naturally. That been said, most designer perfumes smell DIVINE on everyone……however, most people (myself included *tongue in cheek) cannot afford the price tag of a designer perfume OR cannot stock up on the numerous fragrances they’d love to have adorn their boudoir. so, aside from sharing fragrance tips, I will be (*rubbing palms together in an evil mini me gesture a la Austin Powers) giving insight on how to procure the best designer perfumes at a FRACTION of the ginormous price tag

Splendidly Yours, HB

2 thoughts on “Scent of a (WO)man……

  1. Not every guy picks up the first bottle of perfume that they lay their hands on. I for instance know the fragrance I am looking for and head straight for that but if I see anything different I spray a little bit to test the fragrance.


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