Slap your wrinkles silly off your face!!!

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First time I saw the art of Thai Face Slapping on the ellen show, I thought it was one of her pranks…..but guess what, the art of face slapping is an old Thai tradition, and the cost of getting your face slapped willingly will wipe the smile off anyone’s face!

Bangkok-born Tata New World Series (I swear that”s her real name! Google it if you don’t believe me!!!) claims she can smack any face into shape…..for $350 (Did I just hear someone’s jaw hit the floor?).

Using her hands, Tata gives a symphony of slaps to move the fat off and around your face…..and according to a client of hers, aside from the cutesy pats and smacks there are “upside-the-face slaps, slap-you-silly slaps, bitch-slaps – and my personal favourite(not that I’ve had the privilege of been slapped yet), the “slap-the-shit-out-of-you slaps!!!”.She claims she was slapped happy, slapped silly, and even had the look slapped off her face more than a few times.

Tata’s husband, Mawin, who co-runs the business with her, sometimes helps out in the face-slapping therapy…..knuckle-punching and pushing eyelids upwards back into shape….this is how you fix an uneven eyebrow(rolling on the floor now and laughing my “face-off)

The treatment is a 15-minute session in all, and the effects is supposed to last up to six months!

Apparently, there are only 2 people outside of Thailand who know the fine art of face-slapping, and with Tata’s guru….simply named “Teacher”….. promising to only teach ten humans on Earth the secrets of skincare slapping before she dies, we will see this fine art remaining exclusive for all time.

Anyhoo, I would willingly offer this service to anyone who cares for it, at a fraction of the cost…..just holler at me and we can arrange for me to slap you silly….and I will put an extra 10-minutes free service into it.

Tata, on plans to grow her business, will be returning to Thailand this year to learn “butt-punching”……”It’s ancient Thai wisdom,” she says…..”It firms and shapes the butt”

Stay tuned (or glued) for an update on more of Tata “New World Series” and her antics…..and YES, it is her real name

Splendidly yours, HB

Scent of a (WO)man……

I’m a huge fan of looking good and smelling great! Unfortunately, for the most part, we do not have an idea how to go about choosing the right fragrance or scent…… The average Joe goes to the store and picks up the first bottle that appeals to him visually……and the average Jane (LOL, pun intended!) picks the scent she smelt on her girlfriend or sees advertised on television (or maybe Vogue, Elle or Cosmo!)….without any clue whatsoever to whether it is an evening wear, everyday use or for special occasions! The truth is though…… fragrances smell different on everyone! The scent you emit after putting on your favourite perfume is mostly affected by the way you smell naturally. That been said, most designer perfumes smell DIVINE on everyone……however, most people (myself included *tongue in cheek) cannot afford the price tag of a designer perfume OR cannot stock up on the numerous fragrances they’d love to have adorn their boudoir. so, aside from sharing fragrance tips, I will be (*rubbing palms together in an evil mini me gesture a la Austin Powers) giving insight on how to procure the best designer perfumes at a FRACTION of the ginormous price tag

Splendidly Yours, HB

Welcome to my world!!!

Hey y’all…..welcome to my personal blog!!! I hear some of you muttering “it’s high time!” I know……with all my yapping and all, I should have started writing blogs a million years ago…..hey, but there’s no time like the present, right?!

Right, so let’s get started! I’m about to rock your world(s) with all kinds of kinky stuff since my mind works in a way that scares the bejesus even out of me……

I can hear some of you “oohing and aahing” already….but WAIT!!! before your minds get deeper inside the gutter (LOL), the kind of kinkiness I’m talking about is the good kind (*wink,wink)……Stuff that will sometime make you laugh, sometimes make you scream but mostly make you ecstatic!

On that note, I bid you welcome to the unbridled world of HB……where all things beautiful come ALIVE!!!